Dialogue: An Experience in Communicating and Learning


Participants will explore a new paradigm for communicating with and interacting with others in a meaningful way.


1. To define and understand "Dialogue" as a communication process and differentiate it from a "discussion" or a "debate".

2. To explore the four critical elements of a Dialogue.

3. To understand how differences in communication styles, beliefs, values and cultural norms can clash without participants realizing what is occuring.

4. To experience interactive Dialogue sessions and understand how to organize and conduct them. 5. To understand how the creative potential of Dialogue can outweigh the novelty, discomfort and frustration inherent in the Dialogue process.


Managers, team leaders and anyone interested in improving their group and one-on-one communication skills.


Full-day presentation.


1. Projector & screen for PowerPoint and video

2. Flipchart & markers

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