The Culturally Diverse Workplace


This class is an interactive and challenging introduction to the fundamentals of cultural diversity and its relevance in today's workplace. It is about recognizing and responding to the needs of all people in a given workplace for the purpose of creating and maintaining harmony and maximizing retention and productivity.


1. To examine demographic changes in our country that have made workplace diversity training more important than ever.

2. To explore definitions & concepts related to diversity issues and develop an understanding and appreciation of the various "elements" of diversity.

3. To define and explore the various aspects of "culture".

4. To learn how to recognize and respect diverse behavior styles and generational differences.

5. To understand how our backgrounds, experiences and stereotypes can impact our perspectives and decision-making concerning other people.

6. To recognize and explore the commonalities we share with coworkers and customers while maintaining an awareness of and respect for our differences.


All employees


Full-day presentation that can be customized to shorter time frames


1. Projector & screen for PowerPoint and video

2. Flipchart & markers

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