Community Collaboration, Sustainability and Networking


During this interactive session, participants will develop new perspectives on community development and project sustainability and learn how to achieve goals through effective networking.


1. To improve the ability to identify and network effectively with a diverse cross-section of decision-makers in the community.

2. To define and understand the four "cornerstones" of sustainability.

3. To examine the relationship between effective networking and project sustainability.

4. To examine the incidental benefits that are generated by fund raisers (benefits other than money).

5. To view and analyze the award-winning video "Holding Ground: The Rebirth of Dudley Street" which tells a story of grassroots organizing and planning in the face of overwhelming obstacles.


Volunteers and employees of community groups and/or affiliated organizations.


Full-day presentation (Usually 9:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.)


1. Projector & screen for PowerPoint & video

2. Flipchart and markers

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