Stress Management in the Changing Workplace


Has your workplace become more demanding? Must employees manage with fewer resources? Have stress levels increased due to other workplace changes? If so, this interactive workshop "just what the doctor ordered"! Participants will learn not only how to survive, but also how to thrive in spite of the stress generated by upheaval in the workplace.


1. To learn how to both measure and manage stress effectively.

2. To learn how to use little-known relaxation and visualization techniques to both resist and recuperate from stress.

3. To recognize that many stress management issues are really time management issues in disguise, therefore effective time management strategies can dramatically reduce stress.

4. To learn conflict management techniques that help reduce stress by managing disagreements constructively.

5. To understand the relationship between behavior style clashes and stress.


All employees. Course can be customized as needed.


Full-day presentation that can be customized to shorter time frames

AUDIOVISUAL REQUIREMENTS: 1. Projector & screen for PowerPoint

2. Flipchart & markers

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