Workplace Violence: Minimizing the Risk


Workplace violence can include any action ranging from threats, verbal abuse, and intimidation to physical assaults and homicide. It can affect and involve employees, clients, customers and visitors, and it can happen anywhere!

In this informative and thought-provoking presentation, workplace violence is examined for the purpose of reducing or minimizing its risk. In addition to discovering the typical characteristics of potentially violent employees, participants will also explore proven methods for coping with anger and disagreements and de-escalating crises before they become violent.


1. To examine facts and statistics concerning violence in the workplace in order to develop a heightened awareness of the impact of violence on today's workplace..

2. To become familiar with typical individual characteristics (attitudes and behaviors), that may be noticed in potentially violent employees before an act of violence occurs.

3. To examine the risk factors and common warning signs that can contribute to or indicate the likelihood of violence in the workplace.

4. To examine events that may serve as triggers to an act of violence on the part of a potentially violent employee.

5. To develop intervention, de-escalation and mediation strategies to defuse potentially violent situations.

6. To understand the responsibilities of employees, managers, and organizations for reporting and investigating incidents of violence or threats.

7. To examine the elements of effective policies regarding weapons in the workplace as well as telephone threats related to bombs and other dangers.

8. To explore some common sense precautions for employee security and for making sure the work environment is physically secure.


All employees


Full-day presentation that can be customized to shorter time frames

AUDIOVISUAL REQUIREMENTS: 1. Overhead projector & screen 2. Flipchart & markers 3. Television & VCR

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