Caring Customer Service


This interactive training class demonstrates approaches that can dramatically raise the customer service skills of participants. The approaches and principles apply to interaction with obvious customers, such as the public, as well as internal customers, such as co-workers and other departments or agencies.


1. To be able to identify both internal and external customers of participants' organization.

2. To understand the three fundamental causes of most customer service problems.

3. To examine the difference between caring vs. uncaring vs. simply adequate customer service.

4. To understand how to deliver positive personal “messages” even when it is necessary to deliver negative content “messages” to customers.

5. To examine basic strategies and develop proactive skills for dealing with upset or "difficult" customers.

6. To explore an organization's customer service "culture".

7. To realistically assess both life stress and job-related stress and examine the impact of effective stress management strategies on customer service.

8. To examine courteous and effective telephone communication strategies.

10. To develop a personal strategy for setting and monitoring customer service improvement goals.


Employees that interact with the public on a regular basis and those that need to improve their interaction with internal "customers" within their organization or department. Course can be customized as needed.


Full-day or two-day presentation that can be customized to shorter time frames as needed.


1. Projector & screen for PowerPoint

2. Flipchart & markers

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