Managing Your Time and Yourself


During this interactive session, participants will learn effective strategies for managing their time, setting priorities and staying focused during the work day.


1. To examine perceptions and problems related to time management.

2. To examine the difference between urgent and important tasks.

3. To learn a system for weekly and daily planning in order to ensure that the most important priorities are addressed.

4. To learn how to take control of our workday by minimizing interruptions and time wasters and saving time on the telephone.

5. To develop effective strategies for organizing our workspace for greatest efficiency.

6. To develop strategies for handling routine correspondence, paperwork and e-mail.

7. To examine strategies that will save time for ourselves, our bosses, and our subordinates.


All employees. Course can be customized as needed.


Full-day presentation that can be customized to shorter time frames


1. Projector & screen for PowerPoint

2. Flipchart and markers

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