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Since 1995, Hayes Enterprises, under the direction of David Hayes, has been conducting training classes, and providing other management development services such as interactive seminars and retreats, keynotes, motivational speeches, business consulting, meeting facilitation, and workplace investigations.

A unique "values-based" approach helps audiences understand and address critical workplace issues such as customer service, team building, leadership and supervision, conflict management, diversity management and workplace harassment and violence prevention.

David can be reached at (601) 946-9951 or at dlphayes@aol.com

Video demo clips

Real Player     Windows Media    David Hayes, Introduction

Real Player     Windows Media    Customers Always Have the Last Laugh

Real Player     Windows Media    Dealing with Difficult Customers

Real Player     Windows Media    Positive Thinking & Creativity

Download Real Player   Download Windows Media Player   If you'd like to receive a CD copy of all available video clips, please send your mailing address to dlphayes@aol.com.
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